Født 10/1-19





Zitara Stra's Glory Will Come


Zitara Star's Glory Will Come
piwii coconut
DK NO SE UCH Lundecock's Coconut
piwii 2
C.I.B. Nord JV-11 SE UCH Lundecock's Noll Koll Kokosboll
piwii 4
SE UCH Evad Dream Stone Of Lochkaren
piwii 5
SE UCH Frostice Kofeebean
piwii 3
SE JV-15 Lundecock's So Curious
piwii 6
C.I.B. NORD VV-15 SE UCH Limbunya Orion
piwii 7
Lundecock's Little Quine
Cert bilde Roma
Joyland's Made My Day
piwii 9
INT NORD SE UCH NORDV 9-11 Japaro Eye Of The Storm
piwii 11
GB CH Milesend Stormwarden
piwii 12
NO SE UCH Japaro Laced With Silk
piwii 10
Joyland's Made For Fun
piwii 13
N UCH Joyland's Magic Touch
piwii 14
N UCH Joyland's Cute Enough